How it works


Students develop their mindset.

GetSet develops metacognitive traits like growth mindset by connecting students to peers who overcame the same obstacles.

Adversity strikes.

It may be academic, but it probably isn’t. 88% of students who drop out are passing their classes.

They rise to the occasion.

With an improved mindset, students choose to work through their challenges and stay in school.



The right mindset makes a big difference.


A growth mindset leads to persistence.

When confronted with an obstacle, students with a growth mindset don’t quit. They buckle down and fight through the challenge.


Research has proven that mindset matters.

Psychologists have found that a growth mindset leads to higher grades and increased graduation rates. GetSet is the first to put these proven techniques to work in the real world.


GetSet is already keeping students in school.

Our partners see a 3% boost in first term retention and 5% or more in the second term



Getting your school to GetSet is fast and simple.



1. Become a partner. 

GetSet is ready to deploy on day one, so you can start now, not a year from now.


2. Tell your students.

Seamlessly insert GetSet into your orientation or first-year success course.


3. Watch GetSet work.

GetSet is student driven, so it almost runs itself. Get them to GetSet, and we do the rest.